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"My Peep "

This is wen i saw a island wen i peeped through my lens in between these leaves of a tree...

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Being happy is life ! making life happy is art !

Take a look at these 2 boys who are trying to cycle...i love to look at this picture from almost wen i had taken this..tat time my ambition was to become a photographer but now i say with arrogance photographer is not a person who likes to become ,it should come from heart ...As my blog name says "lens as my eye" i capture every moment of my life with my lens !

Worm inside unopened bislery bottle !

I saw an earthworm inside the bislery bottle abut 2 years back ...i used to always drink bislery nt anything else but after this insident i am nt drinking these....sorry for the late posting ....

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" A Bee "

I was astonished wen i saw him, last night i saw him on my window panes wen it was raining ..felt he will go away after some time ....i got up in the morning at 6 and looked trough the window "He lay still there" a bee is a soldier ,he risks his own life to save others life he was dead ......OOOhhh GOD plz bless him !

Modern Medicine in search of its Holy Grail

Professor B.
“One can not be just if one is not humane.”
Luc de Clapier
The truth is something which can never be attained by scientific pursuits. Even in the hard sciences like physics, leave alone the not so perfect statistical science of medicine, the truth is an impossibility to get at. One could, at best, say that s/he has got “A truth but not The truth” at a given time. Any finding is true until it is proved to be untrue! JJ Thomson, from Cavendish Institute, got the Nobel in 1906 for showing that electrons were particles. His own son, JG Thomson, got the Nobel in 1937 for showing that electrons were waves. That was the time that the de Broglie’s wave/particle duality became overwhelming and in 1932 James Chadwick gets the Nobel for that work. Erwin Schrödinger had other ideas and so on and so forth. Ultimately, electrons are what they are depending on who looks at them at what time. When no one looks at them we do not know what they are like. Science can never see an electron!1 Total transparency is another unattainable goal in research.
Quantum physics is probably far removed from reality for obvious reasons as medical science is far removed from reality of what goes on in the human system with all its intangibles and imponderables. “No scientist (medical included) can reach a stage where s/he could flex the muscles and say that s/he is now ready to take on ignorance and disease head on!” But the real truth comes out in Werner Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle which got its Nobel belatedly after thirty one years in 1956, as many of his seniors, the leaders of the day in physics, did not believe him. The working of this world, including that of the human body, at its subtlest level, is uncertain but we, in medicine, have been predicting the unpredictable future of our hapless patients every day!
No one can possibly see an electron is now a reality, but all have been talking eloquently on the electrons, just as we in medicine talk a lot about the diseases but not about the owner of the disease, our patient at hand, who possibly could not fit into many of our known paradigms. We are yet to learn a lot about human physiology. There is no science of man as of now is accepted by even the Nobel scientist, Dr. Alexis Carrel. Our RCTs and many other benchmarks can not fit all. RCTs have been lately discredited.2 Our bane has been the concept that one size fits all, the free size hypothesis. Any patient sitting on the hospital bed is so unique that s/he might not fit into any of our treatment algorithms. Our experience and judgment are our only saviours in such situations. That is the “art” of medicine which is dying in the midst of the cacophony of pseudo-scientific noise.
A humane doctor’s placebo effect could, at times, be more powerful than most of our chemical molecules!3 We should never allow a humane doctor’s art of medicine to die a natural death, as is happening in many of our hi-tech teaching hospitals, lest we should all be consumed by the Promethean fire that Peter Medawar was talking about. We should allow enough leeway for the “third world” of Karl Popper to exist where we could have a near real world of our thought creation, so called thought furnitures, to help our patients.4 Hans Peter Durr’s a-duality (matter and energy are the two faces of the same coin and Fritz Albert Popp’s bio-photons now reveal the true picture that the human body is not independent of the human mind.5, 6 It is better referred to as mind-body or body mind. Rather, there is a mind in every cell of the human body. Consequently, all so called diseases are but psychosomatic!
Medical education should concentrate on teaching students to keep their eyes open to possibilities out with our known paradigms and not just parrot repeat the known knowledge from textbooks to get their degrees and then stop thinking about what goes on in every patient in the real world out there. Two identical diseases might not respond to the same treatment in two different patients; the latter might not even present identically. Our teaching should stress on methodology and not just on known facts which are, at best, temporary truths. The textbooks are outdated by the time they come out of the press. Clinical research is “to have a problem on the bedside and to go as far away from the bed as possible to get an answer,” keeping in mind the definition of research as “organised curiosity coupled with logical skepticism.”
Nobel Laureate Peter Medawar in his best book “Limits of Science” says it all: “The nature of science is such that a scientist goes on learning all his life-and must-and exults in the obligation on him to do so…..there can in science be no apodictic certainty-that is, no finally conclusive certainty beyond the reach of criticism.” He also thinks that there is an unlikely “possibility of technology creating a Promethean fire which, is feared, will one day do us all in.” 7 All science starts with a hypothesis, in the words of William Whewell “happy guesses”, another one of those mind’s thoughts which are being tested using the “known” parameters. They are the same as Shelly’s poetry (poesies=creation) or Samuel Johnson’s word “imagination” when he said something like this: ‘But for imagination, Sir, a man would be as happy in the hands of a chambermaid as in the hands of a duchess!” So science has its limitations although in theory one could get anything verified. A good doctor could answer some of the most difficult questions for science using his humane compassion. One such question could be “why” does one die? How one dies, science can answer very easily, I suppose but, not why does one die?
“Of all the anti-social vested interests the worst is the vested interest in ill-health,” wrote George Bernard Shaw. He was dead right when he wrote the above caption. In all other areas “vested interest is an interest in which there is a fixed right to present or future enjoyment.” In the medical field that comes down to simple rule that the patients do suffer and might even lose their lives because of medical arena’s vested interests; consequently, it should be condemned in very strong words. Vested interest is killing modern medical science and misleading the medical profession by various fraudulent means, the best being the pseudo-science they claim to base their opinions on. I shall cite a few glaring examples that must have resulted in millions of people suffering and a few thousands meeting their maker in heaven.
The battle of the clot busters is a fine example of the vested interests playing havoc with human lives. While the largest ever study, monitored by Oxford group (1000 hospitals with 46,000 patients), clearly showed that the very expensive tpA was as good as the time tested streptokinase but had the additional danger of 10% extra deaths due to cerebral haemorrhage. Peter Sleight was presenting this data when the American mafia tried to outsmart him with their tactics which ultimately led to some heads rolling there. The story in the BMJ of the Battle of clot busters and the associated article by Richard with a sensational title “What a feet?” with the photograph of the large bare feet of Professor Sleight was a collector’s delight! 8
When the Joint National Committee V report came out with the guidelines that diuretics and beta blockers should be the first line of treatment in mild to moderate hypertension, an unusual thing happened there. While JNC was supposed to be the best body to send out periodic guidelines, the Pharma lobby there was not amused. Their henchmen, the “thought leaders in the US, wrote an article suggesting that the JNC. V guidelines should not be adopted by doctors but instead the new guidelines put forward by this group should be followed.9 This has never happened in the past! See what they had to say: “As a result, health care providers should not feel compelled to regard the preferences of "official" guidelines as the best, modern, state-of-the-art therapy for an individual patient. All seven experts who are deeply involved in the daily care of patients preferred drugs other than beta-blockers and diuretics (the Joint National Committee [JNC] choices) for first-line therapy of hypertension.” Individual preferences are shown to be better than the expert committee’s advice! Modern strategies to prevent coronary sequelae and stroke in hypertensive patients differ from the JNC. V Consensus Guidelines. 10
In a Critique of Selected Aspects of the Thrombolysis in Myocardial Infarction IIB (TIMI IIB) and the Thrombolysis in Myocardial Infarction IIIB (TIMI IIIB) Trials in 1992 Roehm had shown how the vested interests twisted the truth by using the statistical numbers game against the interests of the hapless patients.11 Michael F. Oliver, a former professor and director of the Wynn Institute for Metabolic Research, London and a leading researcher in the world on the fat hypothesis was the one that tried his level best to bring some sanity to the mad rush to bring every one’s cholesterol to the lowest levels using dangerous chemicals. His article “Consensus or nonsensus conference” was an eye opener. 12 His other article in the BMJ entitled: Doubts about preventing coronary heart disease. Multiple interventions in middle aged men may do more harm than good, had been the best revelation of the fraud committed by the Pharma lobby to sell their wares. 13 In fact, a large Finnish study as also the MRFIT study had shown the futility of preventive strategy using drugs. 14 But the business in multiple drugs attacking the so called risk factors keeps earning billions for the drug companies!
A beautiful hypothesis to sell aspirin to healthy people in the fond hope of keeping them on the planet for ever has recently been slain by the ugly facts that showed that the drug could in fact do the reverse!15 I can go on and on but, vested interests alone rule the roost. We could shout from house tops and get our throats dried up but they will do their business as usual. The story is the same about many surgical procedures that keep the hospital tills moving. Cardiac revascularization efforts top the list here. Medicine can not be taken to the market place. Having taken it there we can not prevent market forces from influencing it. Ideology is good but in practice man in homo economicus, indeed.
This brings us back to Charles Sherrington, another Nobel Laureate who is 1899, being appointed Professor of Physiology in Liverpool University at the tender age of 42, said in his inaugural address to students thus: “Positive sciences can never answer the question why? They can, at best, answer questions like “how” or “how much” but not “Why”. That is precisely why Coleridge declared theology to be the queen of pure sciences. “Why” can only be answered as a palliative. Truth, is probably the first casualty in medical science of today what with all the research frauds and the “games” played by the greedy industry to keep their till moving. The humane “art” of medicine is the all time friend of the hapless patients; art being that which makes another person’s day! Long live humankind on this planet with the help of humane doctors when needed.
“To be meek, patient, tactful, modest, honorable, brave, is not to be either manly or womanly; it is to be humane.”
Jane Harrison
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Regards to where the information is taken with reference hegde sir.... 

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Complementary Systems of Medicine-Are they Scientific? Integrated Medical Care System.

"Professor B. M. Hegde"

                                                      I was neither a fan of Gandhi nor a fan of an actor ! But after listening to his speech , I became his biggest fan ! Hats off to you sir !

“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”
Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)
Hegde sir says ...........
“Science is making models, mostly mathematical constructs, which, with verbal jargon, are supposed to work,” wrote John von Newmann, a Hungarian born American scientist! With this definition modern medicine, as it is practised today, becomes most unscientific. The human body follows the holistic non-linear mathematical model in its functioning, while the modern medical model uses the linear mathematical rule of Newtonian physics with its faulty deterministic predictability model-a square plug in a round slot. Even then people claim that modern medicine is scientific. In truth the science of modern medicine is only a statistical science and not true science. Even the Institute of Medicine (IOM), the highest body appointed by the Academy of American Science to oversee and audit the medical field, has now accepted the definition of medical care as Whole Person Healing (WPH) in place of the present reductionist model of organ based sub-specialty quick fix mending, in their February 2010 meeting at Washington DC.

Douglas C Wallace, a noted American professor of genetics, in his classic, Mitochondria as Chi, in the journal, Genetics (2008; 179: 727-735) has shown that all reductionist chemical molecules used in our therapeutics, being dextrorotatory while the body molecules are levorotatory, destroy body cells. Whereas all the Eastern herbal drugs are accepted by the body as food (they are also levorotatory) and help the system! My former teacher at Harvard, a Nobel Laureate cardiologist, Bernard Lown, wrote recently in a letter to the New Yorker, along with his junior colleague, Graboys, thus: “"We believe the modern medical model has become increasingly reductionist: human beings are seen as repositories of malfunctioning organs that need repair. This view results in an onslaught of tests and uncertainty. Doctors often take refuge behind technology because it is easier and less time-consuming than talking with a complex human being who is their patient." [The New Yorker 5/17/99].
Modern medicine has become a costly chaos with no end in sight. We now have significant problems that beg urgent solutions. As Albert Einstein once observed: "The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them." We obviously need a new approach in medical science to solve our health problems. The solution to the present human-made and drug-industry-protected health problems of society can only be physiology-based. Integrated systems of medical care, where the scientifically proven safe methods of treatment from other complementary systems should form the basis of future medical care system along with corrective and trauma surgery from modern medicine; the latter together have saved many lives. One look at the common coronary bypass surgery from one of the best brains in cardiology, Bernard Lown, tells it all: “our experience and research, and those of others, demonstrate that a very significant percentage of patients undergoing bypass surgery -- perhaps as many as two thirds -- can safely defer or altogether forego these procedures by managing their heart problems with medication. Regrettably, much of the rush to invasive procedures is driven by non-medical factors -- principally economic ones.
“Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not; it is the first lesson that ought to be learned; and however early a man's training begins, it is probably the last lesson that he learns thoroughly.” wrote Thomas H. Huxley while philosophizing on human ethical values. Medical ethics is nothing but good human ethics. Recent Northwick Park tragedy is still fresh in our mind about the fallacy of extrapolating animal data to humans, while the tragedy of similar data in the case of milrinone, which worked totally differently in rats vis-à-vis humans, is all but forgotten from recent memory.
The question of complementary systems of medicine being unscientific is a figment of imagination of those that want conventional medicine to flourish for ever as it has become the biggest milch cow for the industry, by destroying anything that might endanger its supremacy. Exhaustive studies of all the “statistical science” of modern medicine shows that most of it can not stand the test of strict validation as shown by David Eddy using his new computer model ARCHIMEDES, at least in chronic illnesses to begin with. Even in the field of emergency care, where modern medicine seems to be a blessing, there are large gaps in our understanding of the management strategies! Outcome audits of such use in Vietnam and Falklands Wars leave much to be desired in emergency grievous trauma care.
Many complementary systems that are being scientifically studied by the Whole Person Healing Group of scientists based in Washington DC (1) have shown the existence of vast amounts of observational research going back thousands of years in some systems like Ayurveda. It will be easy to authenticate these data using the modern “scientific” methods to bring the best in those systems to main line medicine. The data base available could shorten the drug invention and could totally eliminate our “wrong” method of extrapolating animal data to humans. In addition we have also been using reductionist science to study a chaotic non-linear dynamic human system, wherein arrhythmia could be healthy while rhythmia could be illness!
Just as quantum physics upset the Newtonian Laws of deterministic predictability, complementary systems might upset modern medical foundations. Newtonian Laws should result in the electrons destroying their own nucleus at the atom. Electrons also do not follow the electromagnetic forces at that level! Medical science has to learn a lot from quantum mechanics but, that would need a quantum leap in the thinking of our established “leaders” in the monetary economy. Ayurveda proclaims that the “well” should be preserved and only the “ill” should be treated (leave the “well” alone wrote William Osler) as there is no way to predict the future of a dynamic organism like the human body using phenotypic data alone! Ayurveda also shows how, at the quantum level, energy and matter have no difference-most advanced quantum physics! (Matter is not made up of matter-Hans Peter Durr)
Homeopathy has been found to have a sound scientific base in that all homeopathic medicines are either in the nano or piko forms; consequently, can not be detected by the conventional chemical analysis. Since they are in nano forms they are obviously safe to the human system. The bench mark of modern medical research, the Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs), has now been torn into bits as unscientific by many studies. “Emblematic of the later history of clinical trials is the fact that the streptomycin study, extolled then and since as a breakthrough in medicine (first ever RCT), in fact yielded disappointing results: the treated cases showed improvement only for three months and thereafter began to deteriorate. (MRC 782)”
The new integrated system should only concentrate on symptomatic patients. There are no silent killers in human illness scenario. The screening for occult diseases is a new trick of the trade in modern medicine for economic reasons! This applies especially to cancer which is being increasingly detected at its pre-symptomatic stage these days. The five year relative survival rate is thus improved! But the lives of the patients are not extended by even ONE day. Nothing new has been done to affect the course of the disease, and although the patient is not living longer, it appears that there is improved five year survival if one measures the survival from the date of diagnosis. Early diagnosis only makes the life more difficult to live with fear and the unpleasant side effects of cancer treatment methods in vogue these days!
Efforts are on in some centres to authenticate healing methods in many other complementary systems of medicine scientifically to be included in the new integrated WPH system. It is also mandatory to abandon the “disease care” model of today which has far outlived its usefulness in favor of preserving the wellness of human beings. Thinkers even in the West have felt that the disease era, with its labelling human beings, has come to an end. Writing an article, “End of Disease era” Mary Tinnetti and her colleague T. Fried from Yale University had this to say: “The time has come to abandon disease as the focus of medical care. The changed spectrum of health, the complex interplay of biological and non-biological factors, the ageing population, and the inter-individual variability in health priorities render medical care that is centered on the diagnosis and treatment of individual diseases at best out of date and at worst harmful. A primary focus on disease may inadvertently lead to under-treatment, overtreatment, or mistreatment.”
Integrated system with new classification of illnesses, suggested by me, years ago, should be the future. To cap it doctors must become human and humane in their approach to patients in distress as their role in medical care delivery is more potent than all the medicines put together. The placebo doctor can provoke the human immune system much more powerfully than all medicines put together. This has now been shown to be very scientific. The forebrain secretes powerful chemicals with a good placebo response. The latter can now be studied using fMRI and also blocking the chemical release with Naloxone injections. (For research only). May the future reinvent modern medicine as the best integrated system of human illness care.

“Men stumble over the truth from time to time, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened. “
Winston Churchill