Monday, October 3, 2011

Samarthana(orphan age)

On 28-9-11 (Thursday) As a case study we visited  Samarthana trust for the disabled. The day was pleasant and cool which was transformed into beautiful and fantastic as we reached there at 1:05 in the after noon.
As soon as we entered we were welcomed by all the teachers and students. We first met Mr. Ravi who teaches Science and maths for the students studying there. He introduced himself and told us about the foundation. He told this school consists of 130 students including the dumb and deaf. We asked him how the exams will be conducted for them and he replied there are special methods to conduct exams.
After this we entered the classes, as a kannada lover it was very special for me to speak in kannada. the total strength of 130 students were divided into boys and girls in two different class rooms. We divided ourselves into two groups to ensure proper interaction with the students. We were divided as Ashwin, Smrithi, Vishrutha and Me in the girls section and Ridhi,Poojitha,Deepthi,Safna,Sanjana,Thejaswini and Madhuri in the boys section.  
We began our discussion by introducing ourselves and giving them the information about our school and the reason we were there. We asked everyone their names and hobbies and asked them to sing for the ones told their hobbies were singing. One of the thing which we also discussed was about their Ambition, There were 30-40 girls who wanted to become doctor, 20-30 who wanted to become Engineers and some also wanted to become lawyers and Cops . I told the ones wanting to become doctors to treat the poor and the needy without charging them, the Engineers to construct many educational instutions and Hospitals, the Lawyers to always protect the truth and the Cops to take care of the society.
We then started with the discussion of protecting the environment. We asked them what is environment, the answers were very good (more than our expectation), then we asked their opinion about namma metro (some told it is required where as many told its not required since trees are being cut) after this there was and entrainment program by us Vishrutha sang the song (Naku Thanti) followed by a dance performance by Smrithi.
I concluded the program by telling how to convert the how waste into manure and the use of 3R’s (reduce, re-use and recycle).This day gave me more confidence in my life to achieve any hardships now I believe in the saying (impossible is nothing).