Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Connection between Astrology and Astronomy?

Connection between Astrology and Astronomy?

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I have a question in my mind which is inexpressible, Is there any connection between astrology and astronomy? When I asked this question to myself I thought the connection is that both are related to planets. Astrologers always boast off they are far more superior than astronomers , recently I was listening to a speech by an astrologer who said Pluto was not regarded as a planet by astrologers from before ,  But astronomers proved this . In today’s world we youngsters need proof rather than belief. Hence I believe in scientists more than astrologers. Of course I believe in astrologers more than scientists at some time only when it is said by a right astrologer and in a right way, I believe there are many best astrologers who won’t express themselves, we should encourage these astrologers and should try to interact with them more than listening to people who tell they are astrologers but are really not.
Regarding astrology I have many questions in mind, Firstly will wearing a gem ring change our luck? Is there any connection between astrology and astronomy? Will our luck change if wear different gems? Will we get more wealth if we wear a ring in index finger?  And finally can Astrologers prove it with scientific reasons?   If they can’t then why should we accept it the way it is? Or if they prove it then I will be the first one to accept it. If not now! Then when? We should stop believing false things, and we should start seeing each and everything in this world in a scientific way or rather scientifically.
Another question that comes to my mind is, is solar eclipse and lunar eclipse bad for us and our earth we live in? If not then why shouldn’t we consume anything during eclipse? Why should we take bath after eclipse? …….If yes, Then how? Can they (Astrologers) explain scientifically? But scientists say it’s just a phenomena that blocks sun’s rays, and this is how eclipse happens, this is acceptable not because it is said by scientists but because it is proved. But the same thing if asked to astrologer says a big historical story which is hard to believe. Hence I feel listening to scientists is getting educated and listening to astrologers is asking your grandmother to tell a story.
Oh for god’s sake what does planets have to do with human’s life? If Saturn moves then person of this zodiac is affected or that zodiac. Can this be proved? Planets have an orbit to revolve and revolving in their orbits is their work, hence they do it. If it is so how can we compare their movement with our future?
The latest hot topic is will the world end in 2012? If different astrologers say different reasons, different possibilities, different opinions and different answers how can we believe them? One says the world will, the other says it will not. But in the case of astronomy or scientists all say the same thing and all prove the same thing.   
Seeing all these possibilities I conclude that believing science is like believing in yourself, whereas believing astrology is like believing one who knows everything but cannot prove he is right. I believe that science and scientists are those who can be best relied upon than anyone else in this world! ….

        JAI HIND

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