Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If not now! Then when?

Can we compare India with America? This will be my first question to all those who tell or boast off that America is great. I asked couple of students and elders their answers were like this ….Firstly “yes”, secondly “no”,  thirdly “may be”, fourthly why should we ?.....But my answer would be “If not now! Then when? “We should do something good in for our country. In India if there is a signal post all will be standing in a queue, but if one breaks it or jumps a signal all will think if he is going then why shouldn’t I?...and even he follows but if the same thing happens in” us” ,then all will be standing in that queue except the one who broke .This is the difference. Here everyone wants a change but no one contributes to it. My own experience is the time I had to urinate while going near GandiBazar, but according to government and me I should not urinate in a public place, but there was neither a toilet nor Nirmala Bengalooru. So what should I do??  This will never be the case in “us” since they have restrooms near public places. But being a respected citizen I went to a restroom in an hotel nearby, but most of them will not have the patience to do so.
If not now! Then when? We should be responsible citizens and we should be the tools for future development, so common guys lets protest and ask for better governance and development by supporting the cause. Let’s hope the best for Anna Hazare. 


  1. just thinking of posting something similar...

  2. good one..
    but its difficult to bring India to that level..
    the main reason is illiteracy.. even if we change .. who will change those thousands of illiterates ..