Friday, September 14, 2012

The Alchemist. . . . . .

The Alchemist is a story centred on a shepherd “Santiago”, stories hero. Who follows his dream in the story. On his way in perceiving his dream he learns different things from different people.
Santiago is a humble and self-confident shepherd, he had an ambition of becoming shepherd and he continued to be so. He always carries a book and wine with him. One day he had a dream “where he saw treasure hidden thousands of miles away, near the pyramids”. He later goes to a gypsy where she tells him to start his start his journey in search of pyramids. Then Santiago meets Melchizedek, a strange wise man who claims he is a king from a far-off land, Melchizedek tells Santiago that he will help him to seek his treasure. Coming day, Santiago sells his sheep and starts his journey to Africa to pursue his dream.

After arriving in Africa he will be robbed first, due to this he loses all his money, hence he decides to join a local crystal shop. After joining this shop there will be a huge progress in the sales. After working for a year he gets large sum of money enough to buy hundred sheep’s, though he thinks of going back to Andalusia he decides to go ahead and perceive his dream. He buys a caravan in order to reach Egypt, during this journey he meets an Englishman. He had been travelling to Africa just to meet a renowned alchemist. Englishman tells Santiago about the Alchemy, Santiago feels there is a connection between Englishman’s words and Melchizedek’s words (Language of the world or the soul of the world). During this travel both come to know about the tribal wars happening nearby.
He finally arrives at Al-Fayoum oasis the place where Alchemist says (As Englishman had said earlier) here Santiago meets a beautiful girl named Fatima their eyes meet and they fall in love (Love at first sight). When he goes to have a look at the desert Santiago sees two falcons fighting with each other, he interprets this to be a sign of upcoming battle. He decides to convey this to chief of the oasis and he does so, the war takes place next day, the chief offers him a position as a counsellor due to his true vision. Now Santiago decides to stay at the oasis with Fatima, but the Alchemist finds Santiago and suggests him to continue his journey towards achieving his destiny. He also tells him that he will lead Santiago to his treasure.

On the way to pyramids the alchemist teaches Santiago to listen to his heart, when they almost reach Egypt a tribal group arrests them. Alchemist tells them that Santiago his friend is a great alchemist who can turn himself into wind. The tribal group releases them and says he wants to see the miracle. Santiago tells he doesn’t know how to turn himself into wind. After three days he gets ready to perform the task, he asks the help of desert, wind, sun and heaven (soul of the world) and finally he disappears and comes back on the other side of the camp. Seeing this, the tribal group releases them and they drop them at Coptic monastery as per the request of alchemist, here alchemist shows his ability of turning lead into gold. Alchemist bids farewell to Santiago and goes away.

Santiago reaches pyramids and he starts digging at the place where his tears fall, here he will be robbed for the second time, and here he realises his dream and destiny. The robber tells Santiago that he had the same dream with one difference, the treasure being buried at Spain. Santiago realizes that the treasure was back in Spain the entire time. He reaches Spain, and the church where he had that dream. He finds the treasure buried at the base of sycamore.
His dream came true, but now he remembers Fatima and shouts “I am coming Fatima”. . .