Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Born to Die! You Are a WARRIOR /

They'd promised their families they'd come back soon. They more than kept their word. Went as mere men. Came back as heroes. In coffins.

Captain Jintu Gogoi, Vir Chakra

... Just a day before he fell in the battlefield, Jintu had written to his father, “The war was well done. Nothing known about my next visit”.

A few days later, home they brought the warrior dead. 

When the mortal remains of the young soldier — he was just 28 — arrived home a few days later, every inch of space on either side of the road from Jorhat airport to Khumtai in Golaghat was packed with people shouting “long live Jintu Gogoi”.

On the night of June 29-30, 1999, during the Operation Vijay, Captain Gogoi was tasked to evict the enemy from Ridge Line Kala Pathar near the Line of Control in general area of Juber Hill complex in Batalik sub-sector. With utter disregard to his personal safety, he led the troops in the face of the heavy volume of fire on the enemy killing two enemy soldiers before making the supreme sacrifice for the Nation.

Before his action, he made sure that his group had taken cover for safety. Captain Gogoi displayed most conspicuous act of bravery, unparalleled devotion to duty and leadership of most exceptional order in the face of the enemy in the most inhospitable terrain,

Captain Gogoi displayed most conspicuous act of bravery, unparalleled devotion to duty and leadership of most exceptional order in the face of the enemy in the most inhospitable terrain.
President K. R. Narayanan conferred Vir Chakra to Captain Jintu Gogoi posthumously.
Jai Hind

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Now i know where god is ??

I got up with a thud when my mother shouted. I wonder why parents always wake up kids so early ! It was just 9:00. Ohh,then i realized my train was dude in 2 hours,it didn't make much difference because my backpack was already "packed" :-). I took bath and left my house bidding, reached railway station just in time, I wondered why this always happened to me "I HAD LOST MY TICKETS" was that funny ?? believe me or not my friends were laughing ! but i managed to find it. Thank God I was in my seat before train left.

I was off to a trek "Drongo hills" we reached base @ 7 in the morning after having hot pooris we started our trek, the organizer decided lead and sweep ! lead led the team whereas sweep swept the floor getting all snails" people who walk slow ". I was just behind the lead, I was overwhelmed and energetic so I overtook lead and went ahead. I was enjoying nature with a cool breeze, but suddenly i noticed i had come too far.I turned back to see but to my senses no one was there. Without loosing confidence I returned back the way i came. After going a short while i came across 2 roads, one towards my right and the other towards my left !

I took out my GPS" Global positioning system "  but then i remembered that i had forgot to charge it, i checked my walkey-talkey but even that was not working ! my last hope was to check my cell, wen i did that i realized there was no signal. WHAT to do now ???? Since a stream was running towards my rite i started following that. After walking 300m i came across a 5 headed snake "O my God ! what to do now ?? ", i fell on the ground and started uttering prayers, i closed my eyes and prayed. When i opened my eyes i saw he had gone away. Then i continued walking after about a 3 hour walk i found a cave. Now i was totally confused should i go in or not ?? but i had an idea. "What an idea sirji ?? ", i took two papers and wrote "IN" and "OUT" ten threw it on the ground. I picked up a chit it said "OUT" so finally i decided to go in.

I went in, It was completely dark inside but i could manage with my small tourch, after walking for 5 min i came across some man. Oh my God he was sitting on a buffalo ?? that buffalo has thorns too. I was completely scared! I was preparing to run back, but he said "Go back the way you came and you will find your people" ..........Now i thought i would have done the same thing though he had not told !

I started back the way i came and within hours i joined my team at the crossing where two roads diverged before . I told them everything that had happened and they didn't stop laughing. After making a promise that i will show the place next day and i slept !

Next day morning i was the lead .... I took them near the cave. THAT WAS A MIRACLE !!! there was no cave !! now my friends thought i was boasting.But only i knew the truth ! NOW I KNOW WHERE GOD IS  ??

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Prompt promise !

Sorry viewers ! I was busy till now with my 10th board exams and my search for colleges. So now i make a prompt promise to continue with my posts from tomorrow i.e. 11-04-12 .......stay tuned !