Friday, September 14, 2012

The Alchemist. . . . . .

The Alchemist is a story centred on a shepherd “Santiago”, stories hero. Who follows his dream in the story. On his way in perceiving his dream he learns different things from different people.
Santiago is a humble and self-confident shepherd, he had an ambition of becoming shepherd and he continued to be so. He always carries a book and wine with him. One day he had a dream “where he saw treasure hidden thousands of miles away, near the pyramids”. He later goes to a gypsy where she tells him to start his start his journey in search of pyramids. Then Santiago meets Melchizedek, a strange wise man who claims he is a king from a far-off land, Melchizedek tells Santiago that he will help him to seek his treasure. Coming day, Santiago sells his sheep and starts his journey to Africa to pursue his dream.

After arriving in Africa he will be robbed first, due to this he loses all his money, hence he decides to join a local crystal shop. After joining this shop there will be a huge progress in the sales. After working for a year he gets large sum of money enough to buy hundred sheep’s, though he thinks of going back to Andalusia he decides to go ahead and perceive his dream. He buys a caravan in order to reach Egypt, during this journey he meets an Englishman. He had been travelling to Africa just to meet a renowned alchemist. Englishman tells Santiago about the Alchemy, Santiago feels there is a connection between Englishman’s words and Melchizedek’s words (Language of the world or the soul of the world). During this travel both come to know about the tribal wars happening nearby.
He finally arrives at Al-Fayoum oasis the place where Alchemist says (As Englishman had said earlier) here Santiago meets a beautiful girl named Fatima their eyes meet and they fall in love (Love at first sight). When he goes to have a look at the desert Santiago sees two falcons fighting with each other, he interprets this to be a sign of upcoming battle. He decides to convey this to chief of the oasis and he does so, the war takes place next day, the chief offers him a position as a counsellor due to his true vision. Now Santiago decides to stay at the oasis with Fatima, but the Alchemist finds Santiago and suggests him to continue his journey towards achieving his destiny. He also tells him that he will lead Santiago to his treasure.

On the way to pyramids the alchemist teaches Santiago to listen to his heart, when they almost reach Egypt a tribal group arrests them. Alchemist tells them that Santiago his friend is a great alchemist who can turn himself into wind. The tribal group releases them and says he wants to see the miracle. Santiago tells he doesn’t know how to turn himself into wind. After three days he gets ready to perform the task, he asks the help of desert, wind, sun and heaven (soul of the world) and finally he disappears and comes back on the other side of the camp. Seeing this, the tribal group releases them and they drop them at Coptic monastery as per the request of alchemist, here alchemist shows his ability of turning lead into gold. Alchemist bids farewell to Santiago and goes away.

Santiago reaches pyramids and he starts digging at the place where his tears fall, here he will be robbed for the second time, and here he realises his dream and destiny. The robber tells Santiago that he had the same dream with one difference, the treasure being buried at Spain. Santiago realizes that the treasure was back in Spain the entire time. He reaches Spain, and the church where he had that dream. He finds the treasure buried at the base of sycamore.
His dream came true, but now he remembers Fatima and shouts “I am coming Fatima”. . .

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trek to kote betta !

I was frustrated at home in these holidays. I asked all my friends regarding treks but it was of no use. Finally I registered with BASC for a trek to Bandaje but I was not short listed. Though everything happened I finally went for a trek to “KOTE BETTA” for this I will always be thankful to my teacher Arun and his friend Srikanth. We started on 30th night (april) from satellite bus stand on Mysore road and we reached  Madikeri  at 5 the next day. From there we reached Hatti Halli by 7.
We started our trek after  freshen up at a river there. After that we had our breakfast where Srikanth cut his hand with a swis knife. “ Navu raktha surisi trek madudvi ” Later we reached different water points and continued our trek. We took rest at different places, at last we were at the peak by 2 and then we had our lunch there. We slept there for an hour and left peak by 3. But we lost our way, we roamed there for half an hour and finally my camera helped us to find the way back. We trekked back and reached the base by 5 before leaving we enjoyed at the river.
We waited at Hatti Halli till 7:30 for bus, we were tensed we were planning to reach madikeri by hiring a jeep! But the bus arrived in time and we reached madikeri by 8:30, half an hour before the starting time. Everything went on fine and we were back at Bangalore by 4:30, Srikanth dropped me at Banashankari bus stand and I reached home safely.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Born to Die! You Are a WARRIOR /

They'd promised their families they'd come back soon. They more than kept their word. Went as mere men. Came back as heroes. In coffins.

Captain Jintu Gogoi, Vir Chakra

... Just a day before he fell in the battlefield, Jintu had written to his father, “The war was well done. Nothing known about my next visit”.

A few days later, home they brought the warrior dead. 

When the mortal remains of the young soldier — he was just 28 — arrived home a few days later, every inch of space on either side of the road from Jorhat airport to Khumtai in Golaghat was packed with people shouting “long live Jintu Gogoi”.

On the night of June 29-30, 1999, during the Operation Vijay, Captain Gogoi was tasked to evict the enemy from Ridge Line Kala Pathar near the Line of Control in general area of Juber Hill complex in Batalik sub-sector. With utter disregard to his personal safety, he led the troops in the face of the heavy volume of fire on the enemy killing two enemy soldiers before making the supreme sacrifice for the Nation.

Before his action, he made sure that his group had taken cover for safety. Captain Gogoi displayed most conspicuous act of bravery, unparalleled devotion to duty and leadership of most exceptional order in the face of the enemy in the most inhospitable terrain,

Captain Gogoi displayed most conspicuous act of bravery, unparalleled devotion to duty and leadership of most exceptional order in the face of the enemy in the most inhospitable terrain.
President K. R. Narayanan conferred Vir Chakra to Captain Jintu Gogoi posthumously.
Jai Hind

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Now i know where god is ??

I got up with a thud when my mother shouted. I wonder why parents always wake up kids so early ! It was just 9:00. Ohh,then i realized my train was dude in 2 hours,it didn't make much difference because my backpack was already "packed" :-). I took bath and left my house bidding, reached railway station just in time, I wondered why this always happened to me "I HAD LOST MY TICKETS" was that funny ?? believe me or not my friends were laughing ! but i managed to find it. Thank God I was in my seat before train left.

I was off to a trek "Drongo hills" we reached base @ 7 in the morning after having hot pooris we started our trek, the organizer decided lead and sweep ! lead led the team whereas sweep swept the floor getting all snails" people who walk slow ". I was just behind the lead, I was overwhelmed and energetic so I overtook lead and went ahead. I was enjoying nature with a cool breeze, but suddenly i noticed i had come too far.I turned back to see but to my senses no one was there. Without loosing confidence I returned back the way i came. After going a short while i came across 2 roads, one towards my right and the other towards my left !

I took out my GPS" Global positioning system "  but then i remembered that i had forgot to charge it, i checked my walkey-talkey but even that was not working ! my last hope was to check my cell, wen i did that i realized there was no signal. WHAT to do now ???? Since a stream was running towards my rite i started following that. After walking 300m i came across a 5 headed snake "O my God ! what to do now ?? ", i fell on the ground and started uttering prayers, i closed my eyes and prayed. When i opened my eyes i saw he had gone away. Then i continued walking after about a 3 hour walk i found a cave. Now i was totally confused should i go in or not ?? but i had an idea. "What an idea sirji ?? ", i took two papers and wrote "IN" and "OUT" ten threw it on the ground. I picked up a chit it said "OUT" so finally i decided to go in.

I went in, It was completely dark inside but i could manage with my small tourch, after walking for 5 min i came across some man. Oh my God he was sitting on a buffalo ?? that buffalo has thorns too. I was completely scared! I was preparing to run back, but he said "Go back the way you came and you will find your people" ..........Now i thought i would have done the same thing though he had not told !

I started back the way i came and within hours i joined my team at the crossing where two roads diverged before . I told them everything that had happened and they didn't stop laughing. After making a promise that i will show the place next day and i slept !

Next day morning i was the lead .... I took them near the cave. THAT WAS A MIRACLE !!! there was no cave !! now my friends thought i was boasting.But only i knew the truth ! NOW I KNOW WHERE GOD IS  ??

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Prompt promise !

Sorry viewers ! I was busy till now with my 10th board exams and my search for colleges. So now i make a prompt promise to continue with my posts from tomorrow i.e. 11-04-12 .......stay tuned !

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If not now! Then when?

Can we compare India with America? This will be my first question to all those who tell or boast off that America is great. I asked couple of students and elders their answers were like this ….Firstly “yes”, secondly “no”,  thirdly “may be”, fourthly why should we ?.....But my answer would be “If not now! Then when? “We should do something good in for our country. In India if there is a signal post all will be standing in a queue, but if one breaks it or jumps a signal all will think if he is going then why shouldn’t I?...and even he follows but if the same thing happens in” us” ,then all will be standing in that queue except the one who broke .This is the difference. Here everyone wants a change but no one contributes to it. My own experience is the time I had to urinate while going near GandiBazar, but according to government and me I should not urinate in a public place, but there was neither a toilet nor Nirmala Bengalooru. So what should I do??  This will never be the case in “us” since they have restrooms near public places. But being a respected citizen I went to a restroom in an hotel nearby, but most of them will not have the patience to do so.
If not now! Then when? We should be responsible citizens and we should be the tools for future development, so common guys lets protest and ask for better governance and development by supporting the cause. Let’s hope the best for Anna Hazare. 

Connection between Astrology and Astronomy?

Connection between Astrology and Astronomy?

This post does not aim at any one person in particular. If anyone feels that there is something which hurts their feelings they are free to express their views in the comments section and the post will be promptly removed!

I have a question in my mind which is inexpressible, Is there any connection between astrology and astronomy? When I asked this question to myself I thought the connection is that both are related to planets. Astrologers always boast off they are far more superior than astronomers , recently I was listening to a speech by an astrologer who said Pluto was not regarded as a planet by astrologers from before ,  But astronomers proved this . In today’s world we youngsters need proof rather than belief. Hence I believe in scientists more than astrologers. Of course I believe in astrologers more than scientists at some time only when it is said by a right astrologer and in a right way, I believe there are many best astrologers who won’t express themselves, we should encourage these astrologers and should try to interact with them more than listening to people who tell they are astrologers but are really not.
Regarding astrology I have many questions in mind, Firstly will wearing a gem ring change our luck? Is there any connection between astrology and astronomy? Will our luck change if wear different gems? Will we get more wealth if we wear a ring in index finger?  And finally can Astrologers prove it with scientific reasons?   If they can’t then why should we accept it the way it is? Or if they prove it then I will be the first one to accept it. If not now! Then when? We should stop believing false things, and we should start seeing each and everything in this world in a scientific way or rather scientifically.
Another question that comes to my mind is, is solar eclipse and lunar eclipse bad for us and our earth we live in? If not then why shouldn’t we consume anything during eclipse? Why should we take bath after eclipse? …….If yes, Then how? Can they (Astrologers) explain scientifically? But scientists say it’s just a phenomena that blocks sun’s rays, and this is how eclipse happens, this is acceptable not because it is said by scientists but because it is proved. But the same thing if asked to astrologer says a big historical story which is hard to believe. Hence I feel listening to scientists is getting educated and listening to astrologers is asking your grandmother to tell a story.
Oh for god’s sake what does planets have to do with human’s life? If Saturn moves then person of this zodiac is affected or that zodiac. Can this be proved? Planets have an orbit to revolve and revolving in their orbits is their work, hence they do it. If it is so how can we compare their movement with our future?
The latest hot topic is will the world end in 2012? If different astrologers say different reasons, different possibilities, different opinions and different answers how can we believe them? One says the world will, the other says it will not. But in the case of astronomy or scientists all say the same thing and all prove the same thing.   
Seeing all these possibilities I conclude that believing science is like believing in yourself, whereas believing astrology is like believing one who knows everything but cannot prove he is right. I believe that science and scientists are those who can be best relied upon than anyone else in this world! ….

        JAI HIND