Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trek to kote betta !

I was frustrated at home in these holidays. I asked all my friends regarding treks but it was of no use. Finally I registered with BASC for a trek to Bandaje but I was not short listed. Though everything happened I finally went for a trek to “KOTE BETTA” for this I will always be thankful to my teacher Arun and his friend Srikanth. We started on 30th night (april) from satellite bus stand on Mysore road and we reached  Madikeri  at 5 the next day. From there we reached Hatti Halli by 7.
We started our trek after  freshen up at a river there. After that we had our breakfast where Srikanth cut his hand with a swis knife. “ Navu raktha surisi trek madudvi ” Later we reached different water points and continued our trek. We took rest at different places, at last we were at the peak by 2 and then we had our lunch there. We slept there for an hour and left peak by 3. But we lost our way, we roamed there for half an hour and finally my camera helped us to find the way back. We trekked back and reached the base by 5 before leaving we enjoyed at the river.
We waited at Hatti Halli till 7:30 for bus, we were tensed we were planning to reach madikeri by hiring a jeep! But the bus arrived in time and we reached madikeri by 8:30, half an hour before the starting time. Everything went on fine and we were back at Bangalore by 4:30, Srikanth dropped me at Banashankari bus stand and I reached home safely.