Monday, April 1, 2013



As planned we (cousins) met at the KSRTC bus stand platform no 17, majestic at 4 in the evening on 29-03-13, though we are relatives, ironically we didn’t know each other well apart from Pramodh Kashyap and chaithra. I introduced myself to all who were present there. I met Satya, Mythrai, Devika, Jo (Jyothi), Swathi and ashwin (my friend). We waited till 5:15 for Amaranth Anna to come, and we left to Hassan at 5:30 noon. A nice bus journey we discussed may things from science, man vs. wild to lectures and jokes with Amar Anna (Amaranth) and others. At 9:30 we reached Hassan and from there we walked to Sathya’s house around 2 km from Hassan bus stand.

A beautifully built house, “I loved your room Satya”. After this we decided to cook food, All the girls in the group prepared chapatti’s, the were too good. We all commented upon it just for fun. Finally we slept around 12:00 and Adithya Anna came home late night too. I and ashwin slept in a separate room, “Thankx a lot Swathi”, you set up the bed for us. We got up at 4:00 in the morning becoz T.T was to arrive at 5:30. We all bathed and got ready for the trek. Of course we made fun of each other. Here two of Satya’s friends Kiran and Uday joined us..

 I am not sure who but 2 people vomited more than once. Around 9:00 we had breakfast at a hotel on the way. We ate chapattis and Upma. At 11:00 we reached PUSHPAGIRI WILDLIFE SANTUARY. We called our parents and told them about the proceedings. We went to the forest office first and took their permission for the trek. A good young officer wished us and gave permission for us to trek.TT arrived at 6:00 and we left for the trek. Around 8:00 we drank tea and coffee. Journey in TT was fun, especially satya’s and girls dance. Girls singing was good too

We started our trek with an aim to reach peak by 5:00, With Amar Anna’s guiding we started our trek. It was simply superb and stupendous. I loved every second of this trek. We had fun at every stage. As said by experienced trekkers, yes it was a difficult one. Especially the slopes and rock climbing part. Heavy backpacks made it more difficult. There was no water source from base to KP peak. With difficulty of luggage we managed to reach KP peak by 5:30. We helped each other at every part of the trek. We were a group of 8 boys and 6 girls.

After we reached peak we were very tired, we had no water left with us to drink. Here we understood the “VALUE OF WATER”. But before we could do anything I, Satya and Amar Anna took up the initiative to pitch the tent during this time we sent ashwin and Kiran Anna to search for water, we asked all the others groups which had come for the trek but all said there is no water source. But I am proud to say that our group found water source about 1.5km from KP peak towards kukke subramanya our greatest achievement. During this time we had a great sight of setting sun. It was awesome. We could see clouds touching us. I felt as though the clouds kissed me when I stood stretching my hands. After this one of the greatest challenge we had was to find the fuel wood. We couldn’t find dry wood anywhere. And it was dark too. Amar Anna, Ashwin, Varsha and I went in search of fuel wood. After an hour of vigorous search we managed to find some wood enough for us to cook Maggi.

We prepared ourselves to cook food. Amar Anna and Varsha took up the initiative. Due to harsh wind, keeping the fire on was a difficult task. Thanks a lot to the entire group. All made a wall with Pramodh’s bed sheet. I helped them in cooking. We had fun here too. My mom called me while I was cooking and Amar Anna made fun telling I am not doing anythingJ. But later he spoke to my mom and told I was cooking tooJ. We cooked enough food to fill our hunger. During this event the sight of Chaturthi Chandra was awesome. While some people slept, Amar Anna, Varsha, Mythrai, Devika, Ashwin, Adithya Anna and I played Antakshari till 12:00. Hmm girls gave up and went to sleep… NO! NO! … We actually trapped them. They said it’s late and we said go and sleep so indirectly we won!!

While it was very cold outside 5 boys managed to sleep in one tent, Including Amar Anna who joined them later after keeping a watch on wild animals. Satya, Adi Anna and I slept outside. I couldn’t have slept without my Sleeping Bag, Thanks to it.

We got up early and prepared to start our trek back. This time we put another camp fire, To lite it up we used Pramodh's torn "PANT".... While we overwhelmed the sunrise all prepared to trek. We unpitched the tent and packed everything. We started our trek to Kukke Subramanya around 8:00 in the morning. By 8:30 we reached water source and all were hungry. I told all I have 2 packs of cup Noodles, a ready to eat Halidirams bhel and 2 big kurkure packs. And others had 6 Buns this served as our Breakfast. We first prepared Maggi and served it then we ate buns with Maggi soup (As coffee). I prepared a cocktail out of the Halidirams bhel and 2 big kurkure packs everyone loved it! Didn’t you guys??

After the Breakfast we continued our trek. The Best part of the trek was when we reached SHESHA GIRI peak. We clicked many snaps. While we were a bit back, Amar Anna told us he saw snake and when we ran we realised that it was a prank, He wanted us to be fast so he had pranked us. Here Amar Anna enacted  as VATAL NAGRAJ :-) ha ha ah it was awesome. When we left the peak Pramodh’s leg was hurt badly. So Amar Anna, Adi Anna and he stayed back. They said they will meet us in Bhattara mane around 10km from this peak. Our next halt was at Kallu Mantapa. We enjoyed a lot here. Hmm I remember me being KrishnaJ. We spent 45min of our valuable time here enjoying every bit possible and left to Bhattara mane. After a few km of walking I saw some natives running down to the base. This filled power in me and I ran too. Here Varsha joined me, we said let’s do in and ran to reach Bhattara mane. We shouted loud when we reached a view point, but we didn’t get any reply after some running we were at a house, we thought it was Bhattara Mane but when we asked them they said it was the forest Dept. Office. Here we saw Chepekai trees (don’t know what they call Chepekai in English). And we were tempted Varsha climbed a tree to pluck juicy Chepekai. The fruits and even raw Chepekai were very tasty. We missed route a bit, but we managed to get the route back and reach the next View point. Without stopping here we reached Bhattara mane by 1:00. We waited for others to join us too.

Others came in too and we heard chaithra was injured during the trek. We all had our lunch and waited for Amar Anna, Adi Anna and Pramodh to join us. They joined us by 2, we welcomed them with Neer Majjige. I felt really sorry for them they were very tired carrying heavy luggage. But here their thirst was quenched with water and food. Here all understood the “VALUE OF FOOD” and none commented on it.

We continued our trek at 3, with sharp eyes we kept close watch on every movement since the officer at the forest department instructed us to be very careful because the further path was prone to elephants. We all discussed to be together and we silently continued our trek. We rested a wile at different places. At Bheema’s rock Amar Anna cracked jokes it was awesome there. Since I was in the front with Uday Anna, Kiran Anna, Varsha and Jyothi we had great fun discussing about Driver-Conductor etc. Especially the story narrated by Varsha about PRACHANDA PISHACIGALU was awesome. “Hope u continue reading it Varsha”. By 6:30 we reached the base, we took a group photo here. And by 7:00 we booked rooms in a lodge to take bath and leave for Kukke subramanya temple. At 8 we left the lodge and went to the temple. A great procession with the elephant was there inside the temple. We peacefully saw god. This was the best moment. After this we sat outside the temple for a while and ashwin, chaithra and I decided to leave because we had already booked tickets to Bangalore for 9:30 express bus.

I had the hard moment of my life here, bidding them was hard. I remember every moment I spent with them. It’s very sad that the time has passed fast. I MISS YOU ALL. HOPE I MEET YOU ALL SOON.



  1. I felt almost an other trek by reading the post! Thanks for the wonderful post Poojith. Great narration. It will be remembered ever as the best trek in my life. Thanks to all.

    1. You are welcome Anna. I am looking forward for another trek soon :-) Maybe

      1)Trek to the highest mountain peak in Karnataka Mullayanagiri- Bababuddhangiri-Kemangundi

      2)Trek to ANAMUDI South india's tallest mountain

  2. Thanks for the beautiful blog poo...I loved it while reading this everything was like moving in front of my eyes missing everyone