Monday, November 4, 2013

A Travelogue

As planned we were all set at the Majestic railway station on 31/10/13 at 9:00, since we didn’t get any seats to reserve for the “TO” journey we had to get into General compartment. We did our best though I, Jyothi and Manasa arrived late. All we did was, we sat in the already held seats by the rest who had arrived early. Thank you guys J . I never knew journey in general compartment would be so fun filled, People fighting , Slippers falling on the people sitting down and they throwing it out of the window . It was awesome J , and I had got a superb company the guy who irritated me every second by asking questions to which I couldn’t answer.
We reached the Londa railway station by 8:00 on 1/11/13 in the morning; we had Idlis in the railway station and also got vadapavs packed for the lunch. From there we took a taxi to Castle Rock since direct trains or busses were not available. Please do not pay more than 1000 for the big 12 seater taxi though we were cheated, which we got to know later. From there we started our trek on the railway tracks to Dudh Sagar. The 14km trek to Dudh Sagar railway station was actually tiring, tiring because of the heavy bags. Finally we reached Dudh Sagar railway station at 5:00, and took rest for a while from there its 1km to Dudh Sagar waterfalls, we reached the falls by 5:15 and we enjoyed the majestic Waterfalls. We pitched the tents and we enjoyed in water for some time. Amar anna we are sorry we are collectively responsible for the loss of 2 tents which we left in the trainL.
Later we set up fire and we cooked Upma, Thanks to all those who involved themselves in cooking while the others were playing Kannada game with Amar anna. By 11 everything was done and we slept. While 5 slept outside the others slept in tents. The night was the best. We slept right next to the track and every time the train went we were in shock for a moment. Ha ha ha Pramodh your dream was the best. We woke up at 6 in the morning and got ready to take a dip in the falls. Since the current in the falls was very high in the top we followed Amar anna who took us to a safe place 2km down the falls. The path to this is the right which has to be taken in the dual tunnel right after the falls. We had unlimited fun in the water for a long time. We came back and unpitched the tents. We all got ready for the train from Dudh Sagar to Madgaon. Since we all were tired we decided to take the train rather than trekking 20km more. The train was delayed by 2:30 hours. It was scheduled to arrive at 11:00, but it arrived at 1:30.
We reached the Madgaon railway station at 4:00, and from there we took a big auto to Colva beach. It was awesome fun in the beach. We did the Banana ride, Jet skiing, Para sailing etc. It was awesome. We all took bath in the nearby sulubh toilet and got ready to leave for the Madgaon railway station. Since we had reserved the seats for the 9:00 Vasco-Yeshwanthpur express. We arrived on time to the railway station. But the train was late by 3:30 hrs. We finished our dinner and took rest for a while. While some of us slept too.
The train arrived at 12:15 and we were in our seats by 12:30. We all slept. The train was scheduled to reach Bangalore at 1:30. We enjoyed a lot in the train from 7:00 hrs to 1:30 hrs. We sang, made fun of each other, played Dum shards etc. The experience was superb. We reached Yeshwanthpur railway station at the scheduled time and parted form there bidding farewell, with the promise of meeting in the next trek. The best memory I have of this trek is .......


  1. Poo nice blog thnx fr bringing our memories back. ......

  2. Po! That was a great narration. Thanks for wonderful post.... wish we get ome more time to have fun