Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Now i know where god is ??

I got up with a thud when my mother shouted. I wonder why parents always wake up kids so early ! It was just 9:00. Ohh,then i realized my train was dude in 2 hours,it didn't make much difference because my backpack was already "packed" :-). I took bath and left my house bidding, reached railway station just in time, I wondered why this always happened to me "I HAD LOST MY TICKETS" was that funny ?? believe me or not my friends were laughing ! but i managed to find it. Thank God I was in my seat before train left.

I was off to a trek "Drongo hills" we reached base @ 7 in the morning after having hot pooris we started our trek, the organizer decided lead and sweep ! lead led the team whereas sweep swept the floor getting all snails" people who walk slow ". I was just behind the lead, I was overwhelmed and energetic so I overtook lead and went ahead. I was enjoying nature with a cool breeze, but suddenly i noticed i had come too far.I turned back to see but to my senses no one was there. Without loosing confidence I returned back the way i came. After going a short while i came across 2 roads, one towards my right and the other towards my left !

I took out my GPS" Global positioning system "  but then i remembered that i had forgot to charge it, i checked my walkey-talkey but even that was not working ! my last hope was to check my cell, wen i did that i realized there was no signal. WHAT to do now ???? Since a stream was running towards my rite i started following that. After walking 300m i came across a 5 headed snake "O my God ! what to do now ?? ", i fell on the ground and started uttering prayers, i closed my eyes and prayed. When i opened my eyes i saw he had gone away. Then i continued walking after about a 3 hour walk i found a cave. Now i was totally confused should i go in or not ?? but i had an idea. "What an idea sirji ?? ", i took two papers and wrote "IN" and "OUT" ten threw it on the ground. I picked up a chit it said "OUT" so finally i decided to go in.

I went in, It was completely dark inside but i could manage with my small tourch, after walking for 5 min i came across some man. Oh my God he was sitting on a buffalo ?? that buffalo has thorns too. I was completely scared! I was preparing to run back, but he said "Go back the way you came and you will find your people" ..........Now i thought i would have done the same thing though he had not told !

I started back the way i came and within hours i joined my team at the crossing where two roads diverged before . I told them everything that had happened and they didn't stop laughing. After making a promise that i will show the place next day and i slept !

Next day morning i was the lead .... I took them near the cave. THAT WAS A MIRACLE !!! there was no cave !! now my friends thought i was boasting.But only i knew the truth ! NOW I KNOW WHERE GOD IS  ??

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